Caved and bought the Le Volume De Chanel mascara

Here is a partial list of the mascaras I’ve used trying (and failing) to find its equal in creating the lushest, fullest, longest lash:

YSL Shocking

L’oreal Voluminous

Maybelline Falsies Black Drama

Maybelline The Rocket

MAC Fibre Rich

MAC Studio Fix Lash

MAC Mascara X

CoverGirl Lash Blast (worthless, complete waste of money)

Too Faced Better Than Sex

Benefit They’re Real

YSL Babydoll (close, shorter wear time)

Armani Eyes To Kill Excess (close)

DiorShow (PS L’oreal Voluminous is easily better than this and has a prettier taper)

Dior Extase (close)

Party bonus:  Use the Dior lash primer with Le Volume De Chanel and you will create an international incident.  Seriously.

Only 20 lip products at the bottom of my purse this time…

A photographer gave me a gift certificate to Sephora today since the last few clients I’ve done for her have made large purchases.

The makeup game is tight in this video.  Nicki looks so pretty that I almost didn’t recognize her.  Apparently, letting that other guy go was the best thing she ever did for her look.  Remembering all those times I read her for doing her own crappy makeup, it seems it actually was done by a MUA.  He was apparently just…not that good.

"Me and dollar store Barbie…her name is ‘Darbie.’"


I’ve amassed a body of work worthy enough to have now scored almost all of my most wanted Pro discounts, including some multi-brand beauty emporiums to score discounts on brands that do not have their own professional programs.  The only thing that keeps me from going crazy ass buck wild is the fact that I have most of what I want right now.

Real Techniques brushes = the <3  The face brushes are particularly exquisite. 

Modeling agencies: “Grow more brows!”

I’ve been working with the tragically-browed lately.  Messy, unwaxed, really-hard-to-make-look-fierce brows.  Many of them are models signed to the major local agencies.  One of them told me yesterday that the agency itself asked her to grow out her brows.  Another girl at a shoot the day prior said her agency (a different one) told her that they are looking for strong and bushy brows on their models right now so she is panicking to grow hers out. 


Women in my town fear blush & eye brows.